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AccuQuilt is a revolutionary fabric-cutting system that can help quilters save time and effort. It utilizes advanced technology to provide precise, efficient, and accurate results. The cutting dies are made with steel-rule blades for superior accuracy and clean cuts every time. With this system, quilters can cut out shapes quickly without worrying about measuring or marking fabric, which saves them both time and effort.

Plus, they won’t have to worry about misaligned or uneven cuts – the AccuQuilt system creates perfectly aligned pieces every time. Additionally, it features an ergonomic design that allows users to easily switch between different shapes and sizes of material in seconds. Its portability also makes it perfect for taking on the go for projects at sewing classes or even on vacation!

Plus, since it operates using electricity instead of oil-driven motors, the Accu Quilt system is an environmentally friendly option for quilters who want to reduce their overall carbon footprint. With all these benefits and more, Accu Quilt is the perfect choice for any quilter looking to make their projects easier and faster while still achieving excellent results.

What’s their Special Program & Benefits of their Program?

AccuQuilt offers a special program for quilters called the AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutter, which is designed to help quilters save time and effort. Featuring advanced technology and precision steel-rule blades that provide clean cuts every time, the AccuQuilt system will make projects easier and faster for quilters.

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With the AccuQuilt Go! Fabric Cutter, users can quickly switch between different shapes and sizes of fabric without worrying about measuring or marking fabric. Additionally, it features an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use with one hand. Its portability also makes it ideal for taking on the go for projects at sewing classes or even on vacation. Plus, since it operates using electricity instead of oil-driven motors, the Accu Quilt system is an environmentally friendly option for quilters who want to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

The benefits of using this system are vast:

  • Quilters won’t need to worry about misaligned or uneven cuts – the AccuQuilt system creates perfectly aligned pieces every time.
  • They can cut out shapes quickly without spending extra time measuring or marking fabric.
  • Its portability allows users to easily take their projects on the go.
  • And its eco-friendly design reduces energy consumption while still delivering excellent results.

Quilters can also take advantage of special educational classes provided by Accuquilt to learn more about how to make the most of their cutting systems. Finally, customers who purchase an Accuquilt Go! Fabric Cutter can enjoy an extended warranty on select models as well as access exclusive discounts offered through their membership program.

How to Become a Retailer & Affiliate Member?

AccuQuilt’s revolutionary fabric-cutting system is an ideal choice for quilters who want to save time, effort, and reduce their carbon footprint. Its advanced technology uses steel-rule blades for superior accuracy and clean cuts every time. Plus, switching between different shapes and sizes of material can be done in seconds without worrying about measuring or marking fabric. The system operates using electricity instead of oil-driven motors, making it environmentally friendly.

Joining the AccuQuilt family as either an affiliate member or a retailer involves following a few simple steps. For those interested in becoming an affiliate member, they will need to sign up for the AccuQuilt Affiliate Program and promote AccuQuilt products and services on their websites/blogs by providing customers with links to purchase from AccuQuilt. Whenever someone clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase from AccuQuilt, the affiliate member will receive a commission!

Those wanting to become retailers of AccuQuilt products should contact customer service via phone or email to discuss which options are available. Generally speaking though, if you plan on buying more than $1,000 worth of items (excluding freight charges) in any given year then it would likely be beneficial for both parties involved to become a retailer.

There are several advantages that come with being a registered retailer

  • Such as being able to order directly from the factory with no minimum order requirements.
  • Discounts on product.
  • Access to exclusive offers.
  • And special sales events throughout the year.

Additionally, retailers will also have access to training programs that teach them how they can maximize their profits while providing quality service to customers who shop with them. All these benefits make it easy to see why becoming a registered retail partner with AccuQuilt is an excellent choice for any quilter looking to grow their business!

How to Get Coupons & Discount Codes?

The AccuQuilt fabric-cutting system is a great option for quilters who are looking for an efficient and precise way to cut out shapes. With its advanced technology, steel-rule blades, and ergonomic design, quilters can quickly get the pieces they need without worrying about misaligned or uneven cuts. Plus, it’s easy to switch between different sizes and shapes of fabric in seconds. Additionally, the AccuQuilt system is more environmentally-friendly than motor-driven systems because it operates on electricity instead of oil.

Not only does the AccuQuilt system make cutting out shapes easier, but it can also help quilters save time and money. With coupons and discount codes that are often available for the product, users can save even more on their purchase.

Coupons can usually be found online by searching for “AccuQuilt coupons” or “AccuQuilt discounts”; some sites even list all current offers in one place so you don’t have to search around too much. Additionally, many retailers that sell the product offer their own discount codes which can provide additional savings when shopping for fabric-cutting items. Finally, signing up for email newsletters from companies like AccuQuilt often result in exclusive discounts being sent directly to your inbox!

For those who want to save time and money while still achieving excellent results with their projects, the AccuQuilt fabriccutting system is an ideal choice. With its precision cuts and easy portability, it makes quilting projects faster while still providing perfect results each time – plus with the availability of coupons & discount codes online and through retailers, quilters can get an even better deal on their purchase!

How they Help in Careers?

AccuQuilt is a great tool for quilters who need to create precise and accurate results quickly. It can help in many different aspects of a quilting career, from creating quilts to producing multiple items for sale. For example, with the AccuQuilt system, quilters can easily produce blocks for intricate quilts at record speed. Additionally, the precision of the cuts saves time and effort since no additional steps like measuring or marking are required. This means that more items can be produced in less time than ever before, allowing quilters to increase their production rates considerably.

The portability of AccuQuilt also makes it an incredibly useful tool for those taking classes or on vacation who want to produce projects while away from home without sacrificing accuracy or detail. Quilters can save time and energy by taking their fabric cutting system with them instead of having to start from scratch when they arrive at their destination.

Additionally, using an electric-powered fabric-cutting system such as AccuQuilt helps reduce environmental impact through reduced energy consumption when compared to oil-driven motors. This is beneficial both economically and ecologically!

AccuQuilt’s user-friendly design also makes it easy to use, even for beginners with limited experience using such systems. With intuitive controls and an ergonomic design that allows users to switch between shapes and sizes in mere seconds, anyone can become comfortable with the operation of an AccuQuilt system in no time at all.

Furthermore, due to its advanced cutting technology featuring steel-rule blades for precise cuts every time; experienced quilters will find this system particularly helpful when it comes to creating intricate patterns or detailed designs that require precision cutting but don’t have time for mistakes!

In summary, AccuQuilt is a great resource for any modern quilter looking to improve their efficiency and increase the quality of their projects at the same time. Its advanced features allow professionals and beginners alike access to better results faster than ever before while its portability makes it ideal for those always on the go who need reliable fabric-cutting wherever they are!

Plus, with its eco-friendly design powered by electricity instead of oil driven motors; you’re helping reduce your environmental impact too! All these benefits make AccuQuilt a must have addition to any serious quilter’s arsenal!

What’s their Rewards Program?

AccuQuilt’s rewards program is designed to help quilters save even more time, money, and effort. With their loyalty program, users can earn points for every purchase they make with their AccuQuilt system. These points can then be put toward future purchases to get exclusive discounts and special offers.

The loyalty program also offers members the chance to participate in unique events like product launches, beta testing new products before anyone else, and live video demos from industry professionals. Additionally, members of the rewards program will receive a free gift on their birthday as well as free samples of products they may not have tried yet.

This helps them stay up-to-date with the latest trends in quilting and gives them access to some of the best deals around. With its various levels of membership, AccuQuilt ensures that everyone can benefit from their rewards program no matter how much or how often they use their cutting system!

How to Get Gift Card?

AccuQuilt offers a wide variety of gift cards that make great gifts for quilting enthusiasts. From their traditional paper cards to online versions that can be sent electronically, they have several options to suit every budget. Plus, with the AccuQuilt Gift Card program, you can save up to 10% on your purchase when you buy a gift card.

The traditional paper cards come in denominations ranging from $10 to $500, and they are shipped free with standard shipping. They also offer online gift cards which are delivered instantly via email and are available in amounts between $10 and $500 as well. For an additional fee, you may choose expedited shipping if desired. These cards never expire and can be used at any AccuQuilt store or website for purchases of merchandise or services.

The AccuQuilt Gift Card Program allows users to purchase gift cards in bulk amounts from $100-$5,000 at a discounted rate of up to 10%. This is perfect for larger quilting projects where multiple dies may be necessary or if one is purchasing gifts for multiple people who enjoy quilting. The purchased amount is loaded onto the card and can be spent over multiple purchases until the amount has been exhausted or until it expires (two years after its purchase date).

To ensure the security of all transactions made using gift cards, AccuQuilt uses advanced encryption technologies so that only authorized individuals have access to personal information associated with the cardholder’s account.

Furthermore, any unused balance on the card will remain intact until it is fully redeemed or expires (whichever comes first). This makes them ideal for gifting purposes since they don’t require cumbersome tracking of individual expenses or tracking down incomplete payments due to changing financial circumstances of the recipient – they just work!

AccuQuilt gift cards make wonderful presents for those interested in taking their quilting projects and skills to new heights by working with high-tech fabric cutting systems like AccuQuilt’s system – and now it’s easier than ever because you can take advantage of their generous discounts when purchasing these cards in bulk orders!

What’s their Shipping & Return Polices?

AccuQuilt offers free standard shipping on all US orders placed within the contiguous US. Orders typically arrive within 3-5 business days, however delivery times may vary depending on the destination. International customers will be charged a flat rate plus applicable duties and taxes based on their location.

Customers have 30 days to return unused items in their original packaging for a full refund or exchange. All return requests must be made by emailing customer service at and include the order number and product details.

Customers are responsible for returning any item(s) at their own expense, unless the product is found to have a manufacturing defect or was delivered in error by AccuQuilt. If this is the case, AccuQuilt will provide prepaid return labels to ensure that customers can return products quickly and easily. Additionally, all refunds will be credited back onto the original payment method used when placing the order.

AccuQuilt also offers an extended warranty of 2 years on all new dies purchased through their website or authorized dealer locations. This warranty covers any manufacturer defects that may occur during normal use of AccuQuilt’s fabric-cutting system, ensuring peace of mind in knowing that AccuQuilt stands behind its product quality and reliability. Furthermore, they offer a satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, AccuQuilt will gladly accept returns for a full refund or exchange within 30 days of purchase (minus any shipping fees).


The AccuQuilt Gift Card Program is a great way to purchase products and services from the AccuQuilt store or website. With discounts of up to 10% when purchasing in bulk, it’s an economical choice for large quilting projects or gifting multiple people with items they will appreciate.

Furthermore, their advanced encryption technologies ensure that all transactions are secure while their satisfaction guarantee and extended warranty provide customers with peace of mind knowing their purchases are protected if anything goes wrong. Whether you’re looking for fabric-cutting systems like AccuQuilt’s system or just want to buy gifts for friends who love quilting, the gift card program has something perfect for everyone!

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