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Discounts are a great way to save money on purchases, but it can be tricky to figure out how much of a discount you’re actually getting. This guide will show you how to calculate the amount of discount so that you can make sure you’re getting the best deal possible.

In this essay, we will look at the two fundamental methods for calculating the amount of discount. We will provide step-by-step instructions as well as examples for each approach to assist you in calculating the amount of discount.

Important takeaways:

  • There are two main methods for calculating the amount of discount.
  • The first provides a precise computation of the price after the discount, whereas the second just provides a rough estimate.
  • The first approach can offer an accurate image of a corporation’s earning potential and can be beneficial for a range of activities, including sales forecasting.

Two More Examples of Calculating the Amount of Discount

The following are two additional examples that will teach you how to find the price of a discounted item:

Exemplification 1

The diagram below will lead you through the process of calculating the exact amount of a discount represented as a percentage of the original price:

Abbott’s Clothiers will begin selling winter sweaters at the end of the season. The sweaters were initially priced at $80 apiece. The shop is thinking of providing a 15% discount on the sweaters.

To calculate the amount of the discount, the corporation first converts 15% to the decimal form of 0.15. After then, it doubles the initial price of $80 by 0.15%, bringing the total to $12. This is the amount after calculating the discount. In the end, the company saves $12 off the original price of the sweater, which was $80. After a 15% reduction, the sweaters may be purchased for $68 apiece.

Exemplification 2

The example below shows how to calculate the amount of discount:

Forever Jewelers is thinking of hosting a contest or giveaway for its customers. It is offering a 15% discount on wedding bands with the purchase of an engagement ring at its standard price.

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Because the prices of wedding bands vary, the shop based its estimate of the decreased price on the price of their best-selling wedding band, which is $1,245. The following are the actions that a sales manager must take in order to calculate the predicted discount:

  • We’ll round up the price of the original baseline item to the nearest ten. When $1,245 is rounded up to $1,250, it becomes $1,250.
  • Calculate 10% of $1,250, which equals $125, and write it down.
  • Consider that the whole discount % of 15 is comprised of only one ten. When you multiply 1 by the prior price, you get $125 as the initial projected reduction.
  • Divide $125 by 2 to find the quotient for the $62.50 that should be used to account for the 5% reduction in the value of the discount.
  • Add $62.50 to the initial estimate of $125 for the decrease. The amount is 187.50 dollars.
  • To calculate the new baseline price, take the starting price of $1,250 and subtract $187.50. The total difference is $1,062.50. That is the estimated savings from the discount.


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